Pricing Policy

Recording Sessions: 

Prices for recording sessions include setup, recording and mixing. Inclusive mixing is limited to the first 3 songs each day – beyond that we’ll charge at the rate quoted for mixing (below). Err… Is that clear?

The session rate is for a single day session regardless of its time length. Raw multitrack audio files of the sessions are also available on request. Additional charges (agreed with the client) may apply for: – Supplementary mixing, Travel or accommodation.

Sessions are charged at the following rate:-£150 for the first day session.£120 for each subsequent day (if the equipment can be left securely in-situ between sessions).

We also charge a reduced ‘young bands’ rate of £120 per day to help support young people to be  able to afford quality recording.

recording contract


If Plan-C cancels the session then a full refund of Plan-C charges will be given.If the client cancels the session for whatever reason within 24 hours of the start of the session then a 50% charge will be made.

Live Sound: £50 for an evening. Note: Plan-C can  provide its own PA but its only a wee little 2x100W rig.

£80 to £120 per song depending on complexity of the task.
Podcast recording

£30 per hour


charged at a negotiable rate dependant on the piece.(As a guide, though – a recent corporate video piece included 4x 30 second compositions charged at £450)


Collaborations can be either subject to a negotiable flat fee or an agreement for a division of royalties.

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