A CD of music from £75 for a day (including mixing)!

Recording Sessions

We’ll bring the studio to you!

We’ll bring all the gear to your home or rehearsal space.

You’ll record in a relaxed, comfortable environment and save yourself a fortune.

We’ll bring our recording gear to a reasonable location to record you. (What’s ‘reasonable’ mean? – well have a look at the link on the right.)

(see ‘What happens on a typical 1-day session’ page.

Mixing and Remixing, audio archiving and fixing

Taking your exsiting multitrack recordings and polishing them for release.


Taking old or damaged recordings transfering them to a digital format and cleaning up noise and audio gremlins.

e.g. transferring old tape recordings to MP3 format, cleaning up the background hiss and putting back the high frequencies lost by copying and playback on tape.

Compositional projects and Collaborations

We are also involved in all sorts of compositional projects:-

  • Music for computer games,
  • To accompany multimedia projects
  • For corporate videos

Plan-C is a big believer in collaborative work as well. Shared projects are often bigger than the sum of their parts. We can add our equipment and experience to your composition project.


As well as recording music, Plan-c will record, edit and encode your podcast for you.  See the ‘Projects Plan-C has worked on’ page for an example. In that case we’ve been coordinating an exploration of ‘new media’ for a national charity.


Martin is a qualified teacher and trainer. he has a background in voluntary and charity sector training.

He will tailor a learning package for you or your organisation. Topics might include:-

  • Podcasting
  • Lyric workshops
  • Songwriting skills
  • Immersion composition techniques
  • Studio skills

Where do we operate?

We’re based in Matlock in Derbyshire and operate in Derby, Chesterfield, Ashbourne, Bakewell, Mansfield. We’ll travel further afield as well but it’s likely to cost you!

Because we’ve got no premises overheads we can offer a very competitive rate for recordings (see the ‘What’s the damage?’ page.)

You can call on 07754677910

or email on

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