Here are some examples of the projects Plan-C has worked on.

Plan-C is an active member of “Burning Lodge” Immersion Composition Society recording under the name Brother Sewing Machine. An outcome of ICS is a collaboration with Shifting Buffalo.

The Plan-C penned song, “pockets”, appears on  the new Shifting Buffalo album. Check this out on Facebook along with “Travel Light” by Shifting Buffalo and Plan-C.

Theme music to Purple Games “Relativity”;

Zebra games “Death”. Games available on XBOX indie downloads.

Music available on itunes, Amazon and other major download sites.

Steerage & Knockinelder Bay are tracks by young folk band ‘Scratch’. Knockinelder bay starts off slowly but gets terribly exciting towards the end.

Hours that we’ve spent is a song by Cupola Park, an amazing band from Wirksworth. Plan-C has had a long working relationship with Cupola Park including producing recordings like this to a regular gig as their live sound engineer. See the links page for more.

Figure it out. Talented London based singer-songwriter Ben Dalby asked Plan-C to polish up this track for release. Here’s the result. Ben and Plan-C are founder members of the UK’s first Immersion Composition Society. See the links page for more.

Audrey Santos is asleep is an example of a long running collaboration between Plan-c and Nottingham based composer Dragonhead. See the links page for more.

Theme from a corporate video – Plan-C composed, arranged and mixed this for a corporate client. It is mixed to sound best on laptop speakers.

This Moment is a great track by Matlock band Slow Moon – We set out do a couple of tracks together and ended up with an album!

Plan-C has worked with National charity NAVCA to develop their capacity to produce podcasts. Their first Podcast Interview was recorded in July 2009.

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